Transvaginal Mesh Side Effects & Revision Surgery

Transvaginal mesh is a net-like device used in woman to prevent pelvic organ prolapse, (POP), and stress urinary incontinence, (SUI).  Doctors found that by inserting a mesh surgically through the vagina, it was much easier and less invasive than other surgeries available to fix POP and SUI.    Women who have had hysterectomies, gone through menopause, or given birth are at a higher risk of experiencing pelvic organ prolapse, where their pelvic organs—such as the bladder, rectum, and uterus—drop into the vagina.  Inserting a transvaginal mesh and attaching it to the walls of the vagina prevents these organs from sliding out of their proper places.  Likewise, by holding the bladder where it is supposed to be, transvaginal mesh can also help women with SUI, also known as loss of bladder control.

    While good in concept, the problems that can arise after implanting the mesh are serious and difficult to reverse.  The two main issues that can occur are mesh erosion and organ perforation.  Because of the unavoidably jagged edges of the mesh, it is able to wear through the vaginal wall.  This mesh erosion is not only painful and able to cause bleeding, infection, and nerve damage, but it leaves the jagged edges of the mesh exposed within the body, where they may proceed to tear and perforate the surrounding organs.  When this takes place, women must choose whether or not to undergo revision surgery to have the mesh removed.

    While revision surgery may seem like the best option, women must keep in mind that the transvaginal mesh is meant to be a permanent implant.  Removing the mesh is a very lengthy and difficult process, due to the fact that while it is in the body, the surrounding blood vessels and tissues grow around it.   It is not uncommon for multiple revision surgeries to be necessary, as doctors have to remove it one piece at a time.

Read More about Transvaginal Mesh at the FDA's website.

    Causing women to suffer through the pain of a dysfunctional device and then the added pain of revision surgeries is completely unjust.  If you or a loved one have experienced physical or emotional trauma due to transvaginal mesh, you may be eligible to take legal action.  Contact us today for a free, no-strings-attached, case evaluation, and we will determine your next steps in securing justice.


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