If the Stryker Company was guilty of a one-time offense, perhaps it would be less urgent or critical that they be held accountable for their faulty products.  However, it was not a one-time offense.  Both the ABG Modular-neck hip stem and the Rejuvenate Modular Hip System were recalled in 20121.  Around the time of the recall, the skyrocketing failure rate of Stryker’s hip implants forced a ban2 in the UK on all metal-on-metal implant devises.  Fully aware of the resulting issues before this ban, Stryker manufacturers delayed their recall as long as possible, avoiding acknowledgement of the issues almost entirely. If that wasn’t enough, this year (2016) it was discovered that the LFIT Anatomic CoCr V40 femoral head is also defective, and though Stryker has issued a warning about the product, they have yet to fully recall the device.

 Once again, had the company’s leaders been forthright in their recognition of the problems, the entire ordeal might be viewed as a regretful accident rather than a blatant lack of regard.  Once again, that is not the case.  Reluctant and unwilling, Stryker’s recall came only after their products failed over 17,000 patients3[1].  Had proper testing and examination taken place before the products’ debut in hospitals around the globe, manufacturers would have discovered the many issues with their devices.  But testing was skipped, unsuspecting doctors inserted defective devices into patients, and massive problems have occurred as a result.


Resulting Issues

The obvious issue with a defective hip replacement is that the initial problems of hip pain and immobility are unsolved.  However, the defective Stryker products are nightmarish beyond this.  Because of the metal-on-metal design, the modular neck junction in the device is prone to corrosion.  In addition to the deterioration of the product itself, corrosion increases the chances of the patient becoming a victim of metalosis, necrosis, joint loosening and dislocation, bone chipping and fracturing, and the development of pseudotumors.

None of the above complications are easy to endure, but the threat of metalosis may be most alarming.  The careless construction of the implant, unable to withstand required, everyday use, sheds metal shards into the surrounding soft tissue, where, (as if the pain of the evasive metal was not enough), it may enter into the victim’s blood stream.  Due to high percentages of toxic metals such as cobalt and chromium used in the contraption, people with the implant are placed at high risk for future neurological and cardiac problems.  Because of the danger involved, people with Stryker implants should seek medical attention immediately if they experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the thigh and groin area,
  • Increased difficulty walking,
  • Or swelling in the general hip area.

Though it’s too late to avoid the problems all together, having revision surgery could greatly reduce and even eliminate chances of future issues regarding the Stryker hip implant.  But, as with all surgeries, this may bring about its own number of complications.  Even these may also be reduced, however, if the correct revision surgeon is selected, and Attorney League is more than willing to assist with that process.  We truly believe that the victims of Stryker’s negligence deserve total justice, and two ways we will attain that are by providing the best representation both legally and medically.


Why You Deserve Justice 

If you underwent surgery to have a Stryker hip implant and are now suffering the consequences of a faulty product, it is neither your fault nor your doctor’s fault.  Surgeons use the apparatuses they are provided and trust that the manufacturers have done their job by properly testing the product before supplying devices to those in the medical field.

Stryker dropped the ball, and because of that, you are suffering.  That is not okay.  We, the Attorney League, are prepared to fight for your justice, but it is imperative that you take the right steps toward retribution.  In order to begin, it is important that you understand everything that entitles you to the pursuit of justice.

  1. You are entitled to pursue your lost wages. This includes all of the revenue you would have or could have earned had you been able to work during your recovery time.
  2. You are entitled to pursue all of the money lost through medical expenses. Whether it was spent on doctor visits, surgery, or the Stryker product itself, you are eligible to seek that money in court.
  3. You are entitled to pursue compensation for all of the physical trauma you endured throughout the entire process. All of the hours you spent in pain or in physical therapy apply, as do any scars or disfigurement you sustained due to the surgery.
  4. You are entitled to pursue compensation for all of the mental and emotional anguish you endured throughout the ordeal. Anxiety and stress are no small things, and you are definitely encouraged to use them as grounds for retribution.
  5. Lastly, you are definitely entitled to pursue the costs of any and all revision surgery. This includes whatever amount it costs to replace the hip implant with a functional one, and all medical expenses following.


Let Us Fight For You 

The Stryker Company knows they made a mistake, but they knew this before the recall.  That is why it is so important to hold them accountable for their carelessness.  It is through the consequences of our mistakes that we learn and improve.  Therefore, if Stryker endures no negative ramifications for their actions, how can we expect change or progress from them in the future?  What is to prevent many more dysfunctional joint replacements from being produced, sold, and installed?  The answer is, of course, nothing.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Please, contact us, the Attorney League, and allow us to fight for your justice and prevent situations like this from arising in the future.  After hearing your personal story, we will refer you to a suitable attorney in your area who will gladly take on your case.  Stryker is expected to pay 1.43 billion4 dollars or more in retribution for their faulty hip implants, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t receive part of that if you have suffered due to their irresponsibility.  Do not delay taking action, or you may decrease your chances of obtaining the complete justice we believe you can receive with the right legal guidance.

If you have yet to go through a revision surgery, tell us about that too, and we would be more than happy to refer you to the correct physician for your circumstances.  Due to the inherent nature of this case, it is important that when you do undergo revision surgery, the defective Stryker device is kept as evidence, and we can make sure that your surgeon is aware of this.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  Rest assured, any and all information you submit will be kept completely confidential.  Our goal is your justice, all we ask is the privilege to fight on your behalf.