The Failure of Invokana

If you were hospitalized while taking Invokana for ketoacidosis (sever flu-like symptoms), there is a good chance your injury and hospitalization was caused by Invokana. Our legal team is available 24/7 to talk with and to  speak with you now, to answer your questions and to serve you.

The Law Protects You and Ensures that You Should be Compensated.

Legal claims involving Invokana injuries claim that the manufacture did not warn patients and doctors about the true side effects and the dangers of taking Invokana which includes increased risks of hospitalization, ketoacidosis, kidney failure, foot amputations, leg amputations, and even death.

We represent clients who took Invokana and suffered injuries. One of the most common injuries involve people who do not have long term kidney damage and who did not suffer amputations but rather who were forced to spend several days in intensive care unit or the hospital recovering from severe flu-like symptoms caused by Invokana. Left untreated these people would have faced acute kidney failure, permanent kidney damage, kidney transplants and even death. However, there hospitalization led to their recovery.

Even those who eventually recovered physically, still suffered substantial physical pain as well as the emotion and mental pain during their illness, diagnosis and hospitalization. Some feared they were dying and had they not received great medical care, many more would have died. In addition, our clients paid – in some cases – tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for their hospital and medical care. Insured and government reimbursements pay some of those expenses, but our clients should be reimbursed for their medical care.

Invokana Lawsuits

There is a multi-district litigation of combined lawsuits filed in New Jersey against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals by patients that suffered injuries after taking Invokana.

These lawsuits allege injuries ranging from DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis, acute kidney failure, kidney damage, kidney transplants, leg and foot amputations, and even death. Patients claim the makers of Invokana failed to warn of these dangers and, therefore, should be help accountability for their conduct and resulting injuries to patients.

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