Essure birth control devices are designed for women who do not desire to have any more children yet also do not want to go through the surgical process of having their tubes tied.  The device itself is composed of two small, metal, spring-like coils which doctors may insert into the fallopian tubes. 

Essure’s manufacturer, Beyer, assured women that their product would be almost one hundred percent effective in preventing pregnancy, as well as being completely non-invasive.  They could not have been more wrong.

After having Essure installed, women everywhere began suffering from a number of complications, some of which include the following:

•    abdominal discomfort
•    device dislocation and breaking
•    intense pelvic pain
•    nickel allergies
•    heavy periods
•    weight fluctuations
•    fatigue
•    bloating

As if these issues were not enough, some women have even endured ectopic pregnancies due to Essure.  Not only is this traumatic and dangerous for the mother, but the babies conceived almost never survive ectopic pregnancies.  

For these reasons and many more, it is important that the producers of Essure be held accountable.  The FDA has yet to even recall the product.  Therefore, if women would like to see Essure off the market, it is time that they take legal matters into their own hands.

If you or a loved one have suffered any of the above symptoms after having Essure birth control implanted, contact us today.  We will evaluate your case for free and help you determine what your next steps are towards securing justice.